Connections to My Seoul

I’m having some trouble wrapping my mind around the fact that we only have about three weeks left here. I can already feel the loss I’ll feel in returning to the States. I haven’t posted as much as I thought I would while we were here. Likely because we have been pretty busy so I'm … Continue reading Connections to My Seoul


Melancholy Has Come to Knock

There's a melancholy seeping out of my bones. It seems a sort of thing awakened by being here in Korea. Don't misunderstand, our time here is wonderful and will make for lasting memories. However, just because the experience is beautiful and memorable doesn't distract from or minimize the contradictions that live here. Likely one of … Continue reading Melancholy Has Come to Knock

Facing What Comes Next

We finally finished our two-week quarantine yesterday morning! Yesterday marked our official start to our trip. Along with the excitement of finally being able to leave our hotel room after two weeks, I'm grappling with the great uncertainty that lies ahead. As is so often true in life, quarantine was just another opportunity for a … Continue reading Facing What Comes Next

Tough Conversations and Lessons

Honestly, I've been working on this post for some two plus weeks. Every time I think I'm close to finishing it, another incident hits the news. I hate exposing the world in these ways to my young children. I despise having to show the ugliness and it's likely impact on them. I also know I … Continue reading Tough Conversations and Lessons

What does it mean to hold and live my truth?

I've been sitting with this for a long time now. My initial venture into this blog inadvertently led me to this place and this question. What does it mean to hold and live my truth? How do I do this when I recognize that my truth is not universal? We all have our own truths, … Continue reading What does it mean to hold and live my truth?

My True Confessions

Recent violence against the Asian American/Pacific Islander communities has given me pause. I've grieved the loss, pain, and hurt of the communities directly impacted and felt the fear and pain myself for my birth family and my own family. Anti-Asian sentiment is certainly not a new phenomenon for me and I have been confronted by … Continue reading My True Confessions