What does it mean to hold and live my truth?

I've been sitting with this for a long time now. My initial venture into this blog inadvertently led me to this place and this question. What does it mean to hold and live my truth? How do I do this when I recognize that my truth is not universal? We all have our own truths, … Continue reading What does it mean to hold and live my truth?


My True Confessions

Recent violence against the Asian American/Pacific Islander communities has given me pause. I've grieved the loss, pain, and hurt of the communities directly impacted and felt the fear and pain myself for my birth family and my own family. Anti-Asian sentiment is certainly not a new phenomenon for me and I have been confronted by … Continue reading My True Confessions

Grief is a Tricky Thing

Content warning: suicide. I knew when I set out to write this post, it would be one of the more challenging ones. Grief. At the risk of sounding overly melodramatic, my life is punctuated by this word. In particular, my early childhood before going to live with my adoptive parents was marked by numerous losses, … Continue reading Grief is a Tricky Thing