The Weight of Being Chosen

Every time I do this, I am breaching the sacred pact of our family, our once-shared belief that my race is irrelevant in the presence of their love. But withholding hard truths and my honest opinions would also sell short the love I have for them, and they for me.Nicole Chung, All You Can Ever … Continue reading The Weight of Being Chosen


The Art of Kimchi

Like so many others, the start of the COVID-19 pandemic brought about many changes to our home, homemade 김치 (kimchi) being one of the better changes. For those who don't have an intimate relationship with 김치 (kimchi), it is a staple food in Korea. Most folks typically associate it with the traditional fermented cabbage variety … Continue reading The Art of Kimchi

Relearning My Native Language

It's my recollection and understanding that Korean was my first language; English followed shortly thereafter. I spoke Korean fluently until I was about nine. It was then I went to live with my parents so I didn't have anyone I could speak the language with. Now, some 25 plus years later, I'm trying to regain … Continue reading Relearning My Native Language